The start of a college career is the foundation for your student’s future successes. The Village at Colbert Park understands the importance that environment has on academics and life away from home. We offer student-centric townhouses and apartments near the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus to meet all of your expectations as a parent, as well as your student’s desires for a well-rounded experience.  We realize this is a transitional time of life for many students, and our professional staff is there to help make this experience a smooth and exciting one for all involved.


The Village at Colbert Park offers a wide variety of floor plan options and pricing structures.  At The Village at Colbert Park, your rent payment includes free high-speed internet with WIFI access, free cable package, and all utilities included except electric.


If your student can’t find a roommate, don’t worry! We have a process in place that will help your student  be matched with a roommate who is screened based on compatibility.  Our ability to roommate match has been developed over many years of experience in the student housing business.


If your college student is looking for a part-time job, the best place to start searching is right where they live!  The Village at Colbert Park provides residents with an opportunity to work for a top 25 nationally recognized student housing company, while also developing critical skills that employers are seeking in today’s graduates.

A Community Assistant (CA) is responsible for delivering superior service to current and prospective residents as well as fostering a strong community atmosphere that contributes to a positive living experience through outreach, marketing and engaging events.  This rewarding role requires strong leadership skills, organization, critical thinking and the ability to effectively communicate.  As a Community Assistant, students work directly with our residents to not only promote a safe environment, but also to forge connections that build an engaging residential community and a flawless housing experience.

If your student is enrolled in a degree program with a minimum of six credit hours, has completed one year at the university and has a 2.6 cumulative grade point average, please encourage him or her to apply for a CA position by submitting an application online here.


We have one of the best maintenance teams around. They’re seasoned professionals who handle maintenance requests in a timely fashion.  The majority of our maintenance requests from residents are completed within 24 hours of notification.  Our maintenance staff is trained to understand the unique maintenance needs of our student demographic.


We have two private shuttles that service multiple routes to nearby University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  These shuttles also run “late-night” and “weekend” routes to popular areas near campus.  These shuttles can be tracked in real time via a smartphone app that we have developed.  No matter where your student is on campus, they are never far from one of our private shuttles which will bring them back home to The Village at Colbert Park.


At The Village at Colbert Park, we also focus on convenience. Convenience means the ability to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, complete resident surveys, and submit resident referrals online.

Our U Life residence life program is based upon the understanding that a student’s living environment has a significant impact on learning and personal development.  Our Life program is committed to supporting our student residents and proactively working to engage them in four key areas including Community, Academic, Social and Amenity.  The ultimate goal of our residence life program is to ensure that each resident is more successful for having lived at a Trinitas property.
We promote the active development of our residents in order to increase their personal growth through involvement in charitable causes within the local community in which they live.
We connect residents with the resources and services that will help them succeed as students by building strong relationships with the universities that our students attend and encouraging their academic success through favorable study environments. 
We allow our residents to become invested in our properties by creating social opportunities that allow meaningful interactions with their peers, neighbors and our onsite staff.
At Trinitas, we look beyond physical property amenity offerings and instead offer our professional, onsite staff as the most important advantage over our competitors.  Our teams provide significance to resident lives by creating platforms in which to give back to them through monthly gift deliveries and services.